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SXSW EDU 2023 Hype Show with Dr. Robin Naughton

Dr. Robin Naughton is an Assistant Professor and Web and Digital Services Librarian at Queens College in New York. She specializes in Human-Computer Interaction and User-Centered Research with a focus on mental models of libraries and library websites. She joins her husband, our host, Mike Palmer, in a conversation to set the stage for their live panel at SXSW EDU with Dr. Tolonda Tolbert and Elliot Felix on Monday, March 6th at 11:30am in Austin. If you’re at SXSW on Monday, we’d love to see you. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, we’ll be sharing the panel as an upcoming episode soon.

Robin shares her takes on what’s emerging in learning based on her experiences as a Librarian and as an Educator as we gear up for our trip to SXSW with our 4-year-old son. We talk about Chat GPT and Generative AI and even check in with Nancy our Virtual Cohost as we begin to shape up our March Madness brackets which will be revealed as part of the panel. We also touch on Elliot’s book and Tolonda’s company as we get ready to explore the learning zeitgeist at SXSW and through our March Madness Tournament. We also talk durable skills and the role of parents in the learning journey as we reflect on the future of education as the parents of a young son who will be there with us for the trip.

It’s a wide-ranging and personal conversation that should get you amped up for SXSW and our March Madness of Learning Trends. Don’t miss it!

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