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Starting from Scratch with Osnat Benari

Osnat Benari is a product and leadership coach for companies and professionals. She has over 20 years of product management experience working for companies like Diligent, Verizon Media, WeWork, and BBG Ventures. She has been named one of the top product-led growth influencers. She joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about her book, Starting From Scratch: Managing Change Like Your Career Depends on It.

In a free-flowing conversation, Osnat walks us through the steps outlined in the book beginning with adopting a learning mindset. Then we learn how resilience and letting go are so critical for success in disruptive times. From there, she shares stories of how she’s navigated through downsizing, layoffs, and reorgs in her career. We talk about using our instincts and sensing when change is coming to allow us to assert our agency to pursue a professional roadmap for ourselves. We even touch on quiet quitting. If you’re interested in how product thinking and agile practices can be applied to your career growth in challenging times, don’t miss it.

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