The Conferencing Dilemma with Mike Palmer and Nancy

Mike Palmer is once again joined by our virtual cohost, Nancy, to talk about new and emerging trends in the conference experience as a new wave of in-person and blended learning conferences pick up in August. We reflect on what it must have been like at Podcast Movement, which just concluded while contemplating what’s on the horizon for the blended EdTech ASU-GSV Summit that kicks off this week in San Diego.

What role can and should virtual experiences play in conference planning and how does this dovetail with some of the origins of Trending in Education and SXSW EDU? We explore all of this while getting Nancy and Mike’s takes on how to build from an inclusive and accessible foundation that leverages online while also allowing for higher-touch in-person experiences. Then it becomes a question of who can afford the costs (and risks) of traveling to attend conferences like ASU GSV.

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