Running an Education Conference in a Transformative Time with Ron Reed and Greg Rosenbaum

Ron Reed and Greg Rosenbaum, from SXSW EDU return to join Mike just before SXSW EDU 2021 begins on March 9th. You can learn more about the conference at

We talk through our history together with this being the third time Ron and Greg have joined us on the show. We take time to reflect on the challenges and transformations of the past year and get their thoughts on the opportunities around moving online and the shifts in thinking required to make the most of the online format. Greg talks about the shift from “serendipity to intention” and Ron provides a broader read on the impact of the past year and how that will be reflected in the themes and topics of SXSW EDU 2021. And we also talk about Oprah Winfrey’s Keynote with Dr. Bruce Perry on their upcoming book, What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing.

It’s a riveting conversation that gives a window into the many challenges we’ve faced and the new perspectives we’re arriving at in difficult times.

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