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Learning Trends March Madness 2023 Brackets

Welcome to the Learning Trends March Madness 2023 Brackets! Live at SXSW EDU, host Mike Palmer and guests Dr. Tolonda Tolbert, Elliot Felix, and Dr. Robin Naughton, revealed their Learning Trends. Now we reveal the brackets.

Learning Trends

Dr. Tolonda Tolbert
Co-Founder, Eskalera, Inc.

  • Learning in the Flow of Work
  • Consumer Grade Learning Experiences
  • DEI Nudges
  • Measurable Durable Skills

Mike Palmer
Host, Trending in Education

  • Gen AI
  • Polarized Learning Zones
  • Both/And-ing
  • Parent Power

Elliot Felix
Author of How to Get the Most Out of College

  • Identity/Affinity Spaces
  • Zoom Habits IRL
  • Online Learning Space
  • College Scorecard ROI

Dr. Robin Naughton
Web & Digital Services Librarian, Queens College

  • Chat GPT
  • Hybrid Work/Learn
  • The User-Centered Library
  • Container Collapse


March Madness Brackets 2023

Listen throughout March to hear about the matchups and vote for your trend. It’s going to be a great March!