Trending in Education 2020 Highlights Show

To bring 2020 to a close, we’ve compiled highlights from the 10 most downloaded episodes of Trending in Education this year. We begin with Angela Siefer talking about Digital Inclusion before hearing Adi Hanash’s perspective on how to be a great live online instructor. Then we listen to Dr. Rich Milner talk about the importance of grace in light of the Black Lives Matter movement and the challenges of teaching in 2020. From there, we hear from Helen Lee Bouygues, Zachary Davis, Frank Britt, Bryan Alexander, and David Meerman Scott and reflect back on our March Madness Tournament, the Gartner Hype Cycle, and much more.

It was a profound and transformational year and we appreciate everyone who was with us for the ride. Be on the lookout for more cutting edge content covering the world of learning trends as we dive into 2021 and beyond in the coming weeks and years.

Top Ten Podcasts:

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