Feedback and the Growth Mindset with Dr. Steve Joordens

Dr. Steve Joordens returns to join Mike Palmer in a conversation about the connections between growth mindset and feedback. If growth mindset is the “What,” getting good at giving and receiving feedback is the “How” of learning and personal growth. Steve draws on his experiences as a Psychology Professor and Director of the Advanced Learning Technologies Lab at the University of Toronto and as a Founder and CoDeveloper of an app called peerScholar that has students engage in collaborative, peer-to-peer feedback that can be used as a formative assessment.

We give praise and respect to the great work of Carol Dweck on the subject before providing a more detailed walkthrough of how effective, scalable feedback sessions ultimately benefit students and faculty alike. Getting good at seeking out, delivering, and receiving feedback is a critical skill set today and increasingly in conceptions of the workplace of tomorrow. We dive into the criticality of feedback, why it’s hard, and how to make it safer and easier to get better at it in a free-flowing and informative conversation.

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