K12 Education

The AI Education Project with Alex Kotran

The rapid emergence of AI tools like ChatGPT is sending shockwaves through education. Host Mike Palmer talks with Alex Kotran, Founder and CEO of nonprofit The AI Education Project, about this technology tidal wave and what it means for education.

Alex shares his origin story, from politics to pivoting into AI back in 2015. He started aiEDU in 2019 to get ahead of the coming AI disruption. Since then, the pace of change accelerated with advances like ChatGPT and other LLMs. Educators have reacted with bans, excitement, and overwhelm.

Ultimately, Kotran argues teachers need training and support to thoughtfully integrate AI into learning. Without it, teachers may see AI as something being done “to them” rather than a tool to empower. Tune into this timely episode to hear us grapple with ethical dilemmas, changes needed to curriculum and assessments, and why 2023 may be remembered as a watershed year in the transformative AI revolution.

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