K12 Education

Sensory Learning in the Digital Age with Dr. Natalia Kucirkova

Professor Natalia Kucirkova joins Mike Palmer to talk about her fascinating research exploring how engaging children’s senses can impact learning. Originally from Slovakia, Natalia found inspiration from her grandfather, who nurtured her love of reading and storytelling. This passion led Natalia to Norway, where she now researches children, technology, and literacy.  

A key focus of Natalia’s work involves sensory reading, like using smell, and how it can boost outcomes. Natalia explains how smell remains an underutilized sense in education, though it powerfully connects to memory and emotion. She envisions immersive, embodied reading experiences that stimulate all the senses and is studying how this might help with literacy.

The conversation turned to Natalia’s perspective on AI and personalized learning. While AI offers impressive personalization, she worries it may lead students down narrow paths rather than exposing them to shared knowledge. Natalia argues for a balanced approach, blending high-tech with high-touch sensory experiences, slowing down and spending time in nature. Don’t miss this fascinating episode highlighting the future of sensory learning and Natalia’s innovative vision for engaging children’s senses in new ways.

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