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Elearning and Instructional Design in the Age of Chat GPT

Andy Pass is the Founder of A Pass Educational Group, an Elearning and Instructional Design services company. He joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about how learning content development and instructional design are being transformed by generative AI tools like Chat GPT.

We begin by hearing Andy’s origin story which begins in a Jewish Day School where he discovered his love of teaching. Soon after, he discovered instructional design and sales while working for Pearson which led him to found A Pass in 2009. Then Andy provides his perspectives on how disruptive generative AI tools are changing how we think about doing content development through a new and improved symbiosis between human skills and the growing capabilities of learning machines. We conclude with thoughts on the future of work and the uniquely human qualities of critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration that will be critical as we navigate new waves of disruption. It’s a free-ranging conversation about how learning development is being directly impacted by new generative AI tools. Don’t miss it!

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