Higher Education

Launching an AI Academy with Sean Michael Morris

Sean Michael Morris, Vice President of Academics at Course Hero, joins host Mike Palmer to discuss how generative AI is impacting higher education. As an expert in online education and faculty development, Sean provides insights on integrating these technologies thoughtfully, rather than seeing them as threats. He explains his concept of critical digital pedagogy, which encourages critical thinking about how digital tools like AI shape teaching and learning.

We explore perspectives on risks and opportunities presented by AI tools such as ChatGPT. Sean stresses the importance of preserving human agency and creativity amidst these new technologies. We discuss ways educators can guide students to use AI ethically as a resource while retaining the intrinsic value of human thinking, expression, and connection in the classroom.

Sean argues that AI should assist teachers rather than replace them. He advocates staying human-centered, trusting students, and keeping humans in the loop when adopting new technologies. Sean leaves listeners with a call to not let AI dictate what happens in the classroom but to thoughtfully integrate it while keeping the human role paramount.

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