Emerging Trends in EdTech, Skilling, and AI with Rahul Singh

Rahul Singh is the Head of the EdTech Business line at the Harbinger Group, a global provider of software products and services since 1990. Rahul joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about emerging trends in educational technology including AR/VR and the Metaverse, AI, Robotics, and the Blockchain.

We reference several of Rahul’s articles including one exploring how AI can help with the massive skilling, upskilling, and reskilling challenges that are facing industry and the private sector. We discuss the role higher ed and online universities might play in response to the significant needs in the skilling space. We also touch on the importance of teachers and other frontline educators and how AI should be seen as a support and not a threat to their roles in the future of work.

It’s an informed and insightful dive into the unprecedented investment and activity that we’ve seen in EdTech in light of the digital transformations driven by the pandemic. Listen in to gain insight into future trends in the learning ecosystem.

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