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Launching the Next Generation of Global Leaders with Abby Falik

Abby Falik is the Founder/CEO of Global Citizen Year (GCY), a non-profit organization that re-imagines the transition into adulthood as what it has the potential to be: a transformation. Abby joins host Mike Palmer to talk about what led her to found the organization and what it’s been like leading it through these challenging times. She describes Global Citizen Year’s mission to create a new generation of global leaders who learn through travel experiences after high school and before college. It’s all about using the formative transition into adulthood to shape values, identity, and purpose in ways that classroom learning alone cannot.

Abby shares how her personal origins factored into the development of GCY and how the pandemic years have driven other transformations including the launch of Global Citizen Year Academy which uses online tools as means of connecting a truly global cohort. We also talk about Mackenzie Scott’s recent $12M investment in GCY that is described in this Forbes article. Then we wrap things up with Abby’s perspectives on working with the rising generations and her outlook on what’s emerging on the horizon.

It’s an inspirational conversation about developing future leaders that you won’t want to miss.

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