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Making Amazing Experiential Learning with Dr. Steve Joordens and Lilaani Thangavadivelu

Dr. Steve Joordens returns to the show with Lilaani Thangavadivelu to join host Mike Palmer in a conversation about their recent research into collaborative project-based learning approaches that enable transformative learning experiences at scale.

Mike welcomes Steve back as we hear how Lilaani first experienced Steve’s Intro to Psychology course back in the Fall of 2019. Then she and Steve share the findings of their research into a new study of 450 teams of students working with Swab the World to create public service announcements to share the importance of stem cell research in non-Caucasian communities in Toronto and around the world. They use a peer-to-peer feedback tool called peerScholar that was designed in Steve’s lab to power all of this. What lessons can we learn about the importance of relevance, the skills that lead to a growth mindset, and how this all connects to building a portfolio that’s well-suited to the rapidly-changing future of work? And how are humility and failure part of the secrets of Steve’s success? Listen in to find out. Don’t miss this deep dive into how scalable experiential learning can happen everywhere.

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