COVID-19Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion and the COVID-19 Pandemic with Angela Siefer

In today’s episode, Angela Siefer, Executive Director of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, joins Mike to revisit the topic of digital inclusion in light of the new, stark realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. When we’re told to shelter at home and engage in social distancing, what does this mean for those on the other side of the digital divide?

Angela and her not-for-profit provide information and resources at and they are looking for help from those of us who understand the digital world we’re living in to help bridge in the elderly, those suffering from poverty, and anyone who for whatever reason does not have the tools, skills, and access necessary to engage with the digital world. What was once about digital equity is now about public health and safety. When you don’t know how to access information and resources digitally, you’re much more likely to seek those things by leaving your home and in light of the pandemic, that is a truly dangerous proposition. Angela and team are doing what they can to help in this global crisis. We thank them for their service as we grapple with new challenges to bridge the digital divide while respecting the new rules of social distancing.