Trump’s SATs, Betsy DeVos’s Bookcase, Online Learning, and International Student Visas

Welcome to the second half of 2020. We made it to July. For this episode, Mike, Dan, and Melissa reflect on the year so far while tracking some of the more sensational stories that are breaking lately. Did Donald Trump hire someone to take his SATs? If he did, is that better or worse than Lori Laughlin paying for access to the USC Crew team? What do we think about Betsy DeVos’s bookcases for her Zoom meetings? Or the administration’s take on getting students back on campus and physically in our schools for the Fall? And how about the near-miss of threatening to revoke international student visas for students at schools that are going entirely online?

We lean into the crazy a bit this week as we spot emerging trends about class outside and schooling from home as we all agree online and hybrid learning in its varied forms is here for the long haul. Thanks for listening.