Robyn Phillips

Higher Education

Postsecondary Education and Access with Robyn Phillips

Robyn Phillips is the Deputy Director of Postsecondary Access at The Urban Assembly. The Urban Assembly is a non-profit organization working to advance students’ economic and social mobility by improving public education. Robyn is also the Board Chair of the College Access Consortium of New York (CACNY).

On this episode, Robyn joins Mike to explain what postsecondary education looks like in 2020 and how she helps high school students and their families navigate decisions about their life after graduating from one of The UA’s 23 affiliated schools located across New York City. We get Robyn’s perspective on what it’s like for families making postsecondary education decisions in light of the pandemic and emotional upheaval of this year before concluding with her take on new and emerging trends on the horizon.

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