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Leading a University of the People with Shai Reshef

Shai Reshef is the President and Founder of University of the People, a non-profit, online university that’s been serving students from around the globe since 2009. He joins Mike Palmer in a conversation about trends in affordable, online education and the work he’s been doing with U of the People.

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Making Amazing Live Online Learning with Adi Hanash

Mike catches up with Adi Hanash, a virtuoso online instructor with deep experience in teaching, training teachers, and managing online programs for large organizations like General Assembly and Kaplan. In light of the rapid shift to remote learning (and teaching) driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, Adi is running a series of webinars to provide teachers and learning leaders with insights from over 12+ years of experience providing amazing online experiences. We dive into much of this in today’s show.

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