Higher Education

Leading a University of the People with Shai Reshef

Shai Reshef is the President and Founder of University of the People, a non-profit, online university that’s been serving students from around the globe since 2009. He joins Mike Palmer in a conversation about trends in affordable, online education and the work he’s been doing with UoPeople.

We begin by hearing Shai’s origin story dating back to the early days of distance learning and test preparation before diving into the story of the university and its founding. Shai shares his vision and mission to provide affordable higher education to students around the globe. We learn about the unique model that allows students to access their programs through the internet and how that has opened up pathways to those in need including students in Syria, Afghanistan, and most recently Iran.

It’s a thought-provoking deep dive into an alternative model of higher education built around access to relevant coursework that can change the lives of students. Don’t miss it!

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