ASU+GSV Recap PLUS Dana Bryson from Study.com and Paul Gollash from ETS on Free PRAXIS Teacher Prep

Mike Palmer takes us on a whirlwind tour through the recent ASU+GSV Summit and AIR Show in San Diego. We hear the buzzing energy of the events as Mike shares his hot takes and insider scoops fresh off the ground.

The AI Revolution Show provided an intriguing glimpse into the new AI-powered products aiming to “supercharge” teachers’ capabilities. Mike lauds the vision of positioning AI not as a replacement but as an empowering force operating “behind the teachers” to enhance their impact.

As Mike tours the exhibitor floor, we get the inside scoop on promising platforms like Kyron Learning, and Atypical AI – all striving to bolster teachers with smart content creation tools, personalized instruction, and data-driven insights.

The conference wasn’t just about tech though – we hear tales of surprise mascot appearances earning the moniker “Clippy’s Revenge.” Mike ponders finding the right balance between injecting narrative whimsy while ensuring the human touch remains central.

Shifting to the main ASU+GSV event, we’re treated to thought-provoking conversations around higher education’s mounting challenges – from the looming “enrollment cliff” to concerns over cost and completion rates. Could partnerships harnessing AI provide a way to improve access and student success?

In a live recorded happy hour interview, we hear directly Paul Gollash from ETS and Dana Bryson from Study.com as they announce an exciting free AI-powered PRAXIS prep offering to support aspiring teachers, especially from underrepresented backgrounds.

Throughout the whirlwind episode, Mike’s authentic voice shines through – blending expert analysis with relatable humor and insights gleaned from walking the streets of San Diego. We close on an upbeat note, with Mike feeling newly inspired to dig deeper into the future of education and work through his growing slate of podcasts including EdHeads and The Cusp with Paul Fain.

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