AI Executive Orders, Learning Pits, and Fun with Claude and Nancy

We explore the Biden administration’s new executive order on artificial intelligence and its prominent focus on AI and education. Nancy provides a narrated reading that simplifies the order for a hypothetical 5-year-old listener before we find our sweet spot at a 5th-grade level. We discuss the order’s aims to develop AI responsibly, including setting ethical guidelines, coordinating with industry, and using AI to enhance learning.

We then explore the future of highly engaging “edutainment” media and the role of creativity, storytelling, and human-AI collaboration in its production. To emphasize the importance of Social Emotional learning, shout out to Whitney Houston, we share an excerpt about the “learning pit” concept from Trending in Ed guest James Nottingham’s appearance on the show. His metaphor for the emotional journey of mastering new skills prompted co-host AI Nancy to reflect on the continued relevance of managing frustration and resilience even in AI-assisted learning. With responsible, ethical development, AI promises more personalized, accessible learning while still requiring human determination and exploration. We brainstorm future partnerships between human creativity and AI capabilities. As we wrap up, we even get some closing thoughts from Claude, another key contributor to our efforts in this episode. Don’t miss it!

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Episode References

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