Breaking Down the AI Hype Cycle with Melissa Griffith and Dan Strafford

In our kickoff to Season 8 of Trending in Ed, host Mike Palmer welcomes Melissa Griffith and Dan Strafford back to the show to discuss the 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. We reflect on how the hype cycle framework can be applied to understand the trajectory of any new technology or cultural phenomenon. We debate whether the current hype around AI will lead to an “AI winter” as expectations aren’t met, or if investment and development will power through any disillusionment based in part on Eric Siegel’s HBR article on the topic. We explore how individuals can take advantage of new AI tools for enhanced productivity, while also acknowledging concerns around impacts on human creativity and labor.  

For education, we consider how to best teach students ethical, appropriate uses of AI as a supplemental tool rather than a crutch. We emphasize the need for continual learning and adaptability in our current era of rapid technological change. Overall, we share some cautious optimism about riding out the “AI fog” to emerge with productivity-enhancing applications. Don’t miss it!

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