Making Thinking Visible with Nafez Dakkak

Nafez Dakkak is the Founder of bldr. ventures and the writer behind Nafez’s Notes on Substack. He joins host Mike Palmer in a lively discussion exploring how artificial intelligence and emerging tech can enhance learning by making thinking visible

We consider how play, games, and hands-on learning could engage students’ intrinsic motivation and unlock new learning potentials. Nafez shares insights from launching Edraak, the Arabic MOOC platform, emphasizing the need to empower teachers, design locally, and avoid overhyping any single technology’s potential. We dig into changes to the nature of work driven by AI and the tactics that help to build cultures of curiosity. Nafez emphasizes the importance of finding educational problems worth obsessing over, and the rise of “stealth assessments” that could serve as a better GPS for learning than what we have today. Reflecting on what today’s gamers and nerds are tapping into, Mike and Nafez imagine the future of education. Don’t miss this chance to learn from an EdTech innovator and writer with references to crossover dribbles and training Pokemons, among other things, to keep it engaging and relevant throughout.

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Episode References

Nafez Dakkak. (2023, August 6). From Hardwood to Classroom: Unleashing the Power of Visible Thinking To Transform Learning. Substack. https://nafez.substack.com/p/from-hardwood-to-classroom-unleashing