K12 Education

Envisioning the Future of Tutoring and Education with Alan Safran and AJ Gutierrez

Alan Safran is the CEO and Chair of Saga Education and AJ Gutierrez is its Chief Policy and Public Affairs Officer. They join Mike Palmer in a conversation about the work they are doing at Saga to bring evidence-based high-impact tutoring interventions to students who need them.

We begin by hearing how Saga got started and how AJ and Alan met. AJ shares his personal experiences in school when he was attending Alan’s charter school where high-impact tutoring was integrated into the program. From there, we learn how they’ve grown with Saga as the effectiveness of the program has become more widely understood and they’ve begun to unpack what makes it work. They share how they integrate tutoring into the rest of the educational program with a focus on 8th-grade Algebra to move the needle in outcomes for students, schools, and districts. Alan provides his vision for the future of education while AJ explores how AI and the right human capital approaches can scale solutions to address fundamental challenges to equity and the promise of education. Don’t miss this deep dive into the critical role tutoring will play in the future of learning.

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