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Building the Interactive Future of Education with Tom Adams

Tom Adams is The Chair and Co-Founder of Pedago Studios and the President and Co-Founder of Quantic Business School. He’s also the former CEO of Rosetta Stone. He joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about the strategic approach he and team are taking in building new learning programs informed by the impending revolution in interactive learning.

We hear how Tom got his start in the early days of EdTech, successfully taking Rosetta Stone public as CEO. From there, we learn what drew him into the new initiative that is driving the work at Quantic and beyond. Tom paints a vision of what truly interactive learning products are, with the learner responding to novel stimuli on average every 8 seconds. This contrasts much of the video-based content that is prevalent in the MOOCs and elsewhere. Tom shares why Pedago focused on business education and technology as we zero in on who Quantico’s target market is. We also get a sense of how interactive content powered by the emerging capabilities of AI may transform educational experiences for years to come. Don’t miss this visionary exploration of business education and the emerging category of interactive learning with an industry leader with a proven track record in the field.

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