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AI for the Rest of Us with Beth Rudden

Beth Rudden is the Founder and Chairwoman of Bast AI. She’s also the Co-Author of AI for the Rest of Us. She rejoins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about the risks and opportunities with generative AI based on her extensive experience with data science at IBM and now out on her own.

We begin by learning what motivated Beth to write the book. Representation matters and we need broader adoption of AI in order for it to avoid many of the pitfalls and biases we’ve seen so far. Then we get into some of the challenges we face today. Can AI help save us from the brink? Beth shares her Three Rules of Responsible AI as we explore the importance of predictability and explainability in the development of large language models. How can AI truly augment humans and what are we getting wrong with the first waves of Gen AI? Listen in to find out.

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