Immigration Enforcement and Educational Equity

Patricia Gándara
Dr. Patricia Gándara

Dr. Patricia Gándara and Dr. Jongyeon Ee are the authors and editors of Schools Under Siege: Immigration Enforcement and Educational Equity. They join host Mike Palmer in a conversation about the challenges immigrant children and their families face in light of the troubling history of immigration enforcement in the United States.

Jongyeon Ee
Dr. Jongyeon Ee

Dr. Gandara is the Co-Director of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA where Dr. Ee did her post-doctoral studies. In addition to raising awareness to drive towards empathy and better outcomes, we explore how to support teachers and other school leaders who are under-resourced and generally unsupported when it comes to engaging with immigrant children and families under threat of deportation and policing by ICE.

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Gándara, P., & Ee, J. (Eds.). (2021). Schools Under Siege The Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Educational Equity.