K12 Education

Building Fun Learning Exercises for Parents and Kids with Deborah Lee

Deborah Lee is the Founder and CEO of Dancing Panda, an SMS-based learning product for parents of PreK to 3rd-grade kids. She joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about building a product that helps parents bond with their kids through fun learning exercises that can connect to what they’re learning in class.

We begin by hearing Deborah’s origin story as a social entrepreneur, working in K12 and then EdTech at Newsela before launching Dancing Panda during the pandemic. We learn how she came up with the idea for Dancing Panda based on her experience as a mom to two young girls. Deborah encourages parents to reach out to their children’s teachers to connect about their children’s learning in a positive frame. We also talk about reaching families in need by designing a lean, lightweight experience that fits into the busy lives of parents and caregivers today.

It’s a thought-provoking conversation about helping parents bridge into their children’s learning journeys in these challenging times. Don’t miss it!

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