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Convertible Learning with Steve Joordens, Irameet Kaur, and Atef Abuhmaid

Host Mike Palmer is joined by Dr. Steve Joordens, Dr. Irameet Kaur, and Dr. Atef Abuhmaid for a panel conversation about their recent paper titled The Convertible Learning System: A Certainty for Our Uncertain Times.

We learn how the group first came together around Steve’s online courses and peerScholar, a learning product that Steve developed that Atef discovered while teaching educational technology at Hashemite University in Jordan. From there, things rapidly shifted with the onset of the pandemic in 2020, leading the group to partner on the paper describing how to design learning experiences that leverage asynchronous instruction, synchronous collaboration, and peer-to-peer assessment to enable the resilience, flexibility, and social-emotional skill development students need in these challenging times.

We get insight from a broad cross-section of the global learning landscape with Atef and Irameet providing their perspectives from Jordan and India respectively to round out the work Steve and Irameet have done at the University of Toronto in Canada.

It’s a wide-ranging and informative dive into how to avoid snapping back into old ways of course design that can and should be transformed due to the challenges and awakenings of recent years. Don’t miss it!

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Photo by Constantin Panagopoulos on Unsplash

Episode References

Abuhmaid, A., Kaur, I., & Joordens, S. (2022). The Convertible Learning System: A Certainty for Uncertain Times. Journal of Education. https://doi.org/10.1177/00220574221088500