K12 Education

School Architecture for The 21st Century with Prakash Nair

This week, Mike is joined by Prakash Nair, the Founder of Education Design International (EDI) and author of Blueprint for Tomorrow from Harvard Education Press. Prakash describes how the design of K12 schools can and should be completely rethought. School buildings and their institutional designs contribute to a “cells and bells” culture that stifles learning, creativity, and joy.

Prakash provides alternative approaches to conceiving of school architecture that are less tied up in the expensive construct of a school building and classrooms. We explore how David Thornburg’s four primordial learning spaces: campfire, watering hole, cave, and life can be designed into school environments. We also discuss the power of outdoor learning. Through our conversation with Prakash, we see how we can let go of legacy models of school architecture to genuinely reimagine how and where learning can be done.

It’s a fascinating conversation. We really appreciate getting a chance to talk with Prakash. We hope you enjoy.

Episode References

Nair, P. (2014). Blueprint for Tomorrow: Redesigning Schools for Student-Centered Learning. Harvard Education Press.