Higher Education

The Impact of the Coronavirus on Higher Education with Bryan Alexander

As part of our ongoing coverage of the Coronavirus, Mike sits down with Bryan Alexander, a noted futurist who focuses on Higher Education, to talk about the potential directions the outbreak may take. Using a wide-ranging collection of examples from both science fiction and our history, Bryan walks us through where there should be concern and where there may be hope as we brace ourselves to battle Covid-19.

Bryan also points out critical resources to find good information on the virus and its impact on higher education which he curates on his blog bryanalexander.org. Which schools have canceled classes altogether and which ones have moved online? How might this play forward as we head towards the completion of the academic year in the US?

As always, Bryan brings a thoughtful and informed perspective to a complex and evolving situation with a meaningful impact on our lives and the educational landscape of higher education in the US.

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