Future of Work

Learning Science, Expertise, and the Future of Work with Dr. Bror Saxberg

In this episode, host Michael Palmer welcomes back Dr. Bror Saxberg, Founder of LearningForge, to continue their exploration of learning and its implications for the future. We dig into core concepts like working memory vs long-term memory, deliberate practice and the 10,000 hour rule, and what the latest research reveals about differences (and similarities) in learning rates. Dr. Saxberg emphasizes the brain’s lifelong neuroplasticity and potential for acquiring new skills and knowledge.

The conversation then shifts to expertise more broadly, including how cognitive scientists study it and the decline in professional skill “half-lives.” Bror and Michael discuss organizational training, creativity from combinatorial expertise, and the unique human capacity for shared meaning. We explore how improving learning environments and motivation, per a recent study, can help accelerate expertise development across all levels of learners. The episode wraps with optimism about human potential to gain new competencies and value, aided by learning science insights and emerging technology.

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