Keeping Everyone in the Learning Loop with Matt Given

In this episode of Trending in Education, we explore how to keep students, teachers, and parents connected in the learning process. Our guest is Matt Given, CEO of Seesaw, an edtech platform focused on early childhood education. We refer to this white paper from Seesaw during the conversation.

Given explains how Seesaw aims to capture the tactile, joyful moments of real-world learning through photos, videos, and voice recordings. This multimedia capturing allows teachers to share authentic examples of student progress across each child’s learning network – not just test scores, but videos of them reading aloud, showing marked improvement from the beginning to the end of the year. Given notes this is especially powerful for parents, even those overseas, to see tangible evidence of their children’s growth.

Throughout the discussion, we explore principles for quality K-6 education laid out in Seesaw’s white paper. Given stresses that technology should facilitate, not replace, human connections. Edtech tools like AI-enabled translation can help bridge communication gaps between teachers and non-English-speaking parents. But the human relationships remain essential, especially for young students still developing their learner identity. Given emphasizes designing tools that remove barriers to inclusion rather than forcing users into a particular mold. The takeaway? For educational technology to succeed, it should bring students, teachers, and parents closer together in the learning loop – not push human stakeholders out.

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