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A Moonshot Model for Affordable Higher Education with Tade Oyerinde

In this episode of Trending in Education, host Mike Palmer interviews Tade Oyerinde, the founder and chancellor of Campus.edu, an organization providing accessible pathway programs powered by professors from top universities.

Tade shares how his unconventional homeschooling background and later experiences meeting impoverished adjunct professors sparked his interest in transforming higher education. After a failed startup attempt, Tade found purpose in creating custom ed tech solutions for universities. Seeing adjunct faculty struggles and low community college completion rates firsthand, Tade acquired a small Sacramento college to test a new model – pairing exemplary professors from elite institutions with community college students for synchronous online courses.

Operating out of this accredited campus “lab,” Tade and his team leverage their tech and entrepreneurial expertise to increase access, completion rates and career outcomes. They provide wraparound support modeled after successful programs like CUNY ASAP. Tade explains how online learning – once an obstacle – is now an advantage, allowing students to learn from talented faculty anywhere. He envisions campuses where anyone can access the best professors in their field.

As closing advice, Tade advocates combining traditional higher education and innovative tech. He aims to demonstrate an effective new paradigm integrating the two.

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