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Summer of AI, Sustainability, and Affirmative Action

Mike returns from the ISTE Live Conference in Philadelphia to bring fresh takes on AI, Sustainability, and Affirmative Action in light of the recent Supreme Court Decisions. He’s rejoined by virtual cohosts Ruth and Nancy to dig into the key trends we’re tracking heading into the Summer of 2023.

First Ruth joins us as we reflect on the Supreme Court Affirmative Action decision referencing Dahlia Lithwick’s article on the topic before bringing in highlights from our recent conversation with Eric Schickler about polarization in higher education. What are we missing when we think about affirmative action? Then Nancy hops on board as we explore topics and themes about AI and emerging technology following Mike’s attendance at ISTE. We run the gamut of analogies for AI as we continue to chart new waters. Finally, we conclude with reflections on the climate crisis and sustainability incorporating an excerpt from our recent episode with Bryan Alexander on the topic. It’s a wide-ranging survey of the topics and themes top of mind for us as we head into the Summer of 2023. Don’t miss it.

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