Higher Education

Powering Learner Pathways Through Higher Ed with StraighterLine CEO Heather Combs

Heather Combs is the CEO of StraighterLine, a platform that provides affordable access to college credit through online courses. Heather joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about the disruption we’ve witnessed to traditional models of higher education in recent years and the role StraighterLine is playing in this transformation.

Heather begins by describing her background in business transformation and software development, which provides a sharp perspective on developing online products that tap into new and emerging markets. We explore how for many learners the traditional models of the academic schedule and synchronous classes just don’t make sense. We discuss how credentialing and skills-based learning are providing opportunities to move quickly and work with industry to keep pace with the accelerated rate of change. Heather shares her thoughts on the transferability of learning credentials and the need for better solutions for learning records similar to what is happening with medical records. It’s an insightful dive into transformations actively occurring in higher education. Don’t miss it!

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