K12 Education

Building an Umbrella of Coping Skills with Dr. Jen Forristal

Dr. Jennifer Forristal is a Naturopathic Doctor and school wellness specialist who is focused on pediatric well-being. Founder of the Umbrella Project and author of The Umbrella Effect, she is creating a profound paradigm shift in the understanding of our personal well-being and that of our children. Jen joins host Mike Palmer in a discussion of developing coping skills in children, parents, and schools so that we’re better equipped to endure trauma and ideally grow in the process.

Beginning with the premise that all kids will encounter rain in their lives, how do we help them develop the skills they need to cope? We explore how parents and educators can help kids recognize and appreciate umbrella skills like cognitive flexibility, empathy, and grit as we aim to be sensitive to trauma while also open to opportunities for growth through it. It’s a thought-provoking conversation about developing practical SEL skills that you won’t want to miss.

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Episode References

Forristal, D. J. (2022). The Umbrella Effect: Your Guide to Raising Strong, Adaptable Kids in a Stressful World. Lioncrest Publishing.