Storytelling and Sociology at the End of History with Dr. Daniel Harrison

Dr. Daniel Harrison joins Mike to talk about his latest book, Live at Jackson Station. We hear how Dan became a Sociology Professor at Lander University in South Carolina before we dive into the importance of storytelling as Dan tells the story of Jackson Station, a legendary blues bar in Greenwood, South Carolina in the 1980s and early nineties. We learn about the tolerance and diversity of the music scene at the bar before things take a “True Crime” turn with a bush ax attack in the parking lot at 3am. Along the way Dan and Mike muse about the relevance of sociology and the future of higher education.

Then we touch on Dan’s first book, Making Sense of Marshall Ledbetter, which tells the story of a university student who broke into the Florida State Capitol in 1991 and holed up in the Sergeant-At-Arms office resulting in a standoff with police replete with a surprising list of demands and a climactic conclusion.

We conclude by discussing Dan’s recent article titled “Sociology at the End of History”. In all, it’s an entertaining listen that you won’t want to miss.

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