Appreciating our Amazing Collaborators with Terri Gibson, Daniel Harrison, and Tarlin Ray

Daniel Harrison, Terri Givens, and Tarlin Ray will be joining host Mike Palmer for a live panel as part of SXSW EDU this week. In honor of that session, this episode showcases the work of each of them as we head into our panel together.

We begin by hearing some sound from Inside Jackson Station, the new podcast based on Dan’s book Live at Jackson Station: Music, Community, and Tragedy in a Southern Blues Bar. What began as an appearance on Trending in Ed in February of 2021 has now blossomed into a podcast of its own featuring stories and sounds from the artists and musicians who made Jackson Station such a special place.

Roots of Racism

Then we hear Terri talk about her most recent book, The Roots of Racism: The Politics of White Supremacy in the US and Europe. which takes a comparative look at the problem of racism and white supremacy, tracing it from its roots in the 14th Century right up through George Floyd and the pandemic to provide a broader lens through which to understand the problems of today.

We then conclude with an excerpt from a recent episode of Running It Back, the Lessons Learned from Sports podcast featuring Tarlin and Mike. Here we dig into the recent class-action lawsuit filed by Brian Flores against the NFL claiming discriminatory practices in the interview and hiring practices of several NFL clubs.

It’s been amazing to work with folks like Dan, Terri, and Tarlin on Trending in Ed over the years and we’re excited to have them all together for a panel to celebrate what we’ve accomplished as part of SXSW EDU. Join us in Austin if you can and stay tuned for more amazing content coming out of the conference and our panel session in upcoming episodes.

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