Steve Grubbs


Four Learning Trends for the New Normal

Mike Palmer is joined by Nancy, a virtual human who makes her first appearance as a guest host in a conversation about what the “New Normal” that emerges on the other side of the pandemic looks like for the world of learning. We explore the trends of Canny Centaurs, Universal Design for Learning, Class Outside, and Simulearning both with Nancy’s help and with the help of many of our great guests from episodes from the past six months.

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Building Virtual Reality Learning Experiences with Steve Grubbs

Steve Grubbs is the Founder of Victory XR, a company that specializes in using Virtual Reality to make compelling learning experiences. Steve joins Mike and begins by telling how he has stayed connected to education and technology in different capacities through his professional life before zeroing in on the work he’s been doing of late. Whether it’s building a VR simulation of the march across the Pettis Bridge in Selma or exploring anatomy, history or astronomy, Steve walks us through various ways in which 3D VR experiences are more emotionally resonant and in many cases more effective than their 2D alternatives.

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