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ChatGPT and the Challenges of Large Language Models with Beth Rudden

Beth Rudden, the Chairwoman and CEO of, rejoins host Mike Palmer for a conversation about ChatGPT and other large language models as we enter a new phase of readily accessible generative AI tools. Why is ChatGPT prone to mansplaining? How might this relate to the Dunning Kruger effect? And how might a more ecological understanding of an “honorable harvest” as described in Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer help us rethink our relationship with data and its harvesting?

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Future of Work

Thinking about AI for Everyone with Beth Rudden

Beth Rudden is the CEO and Chairwoman of, a company that leverages emerging technology to build custom conversational AI tools or CATs for clients. Prior to founding Bast, Beth worked at IBM for 20 years, founding their Data Science practice and working with numerous clients to design and implement large scale solutions leveraging machine learning and training folks in data science.

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