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Stepping Up Summer 2024

We kick off this special “Stepping Up” edition by welcoming back our virtual co-host Nancy to discuss the AI revolution happening in 2024. The episode explores what “stepping up” means in this new era of agentic intelligence and transformative learning technologies.

Host Mike Palmer reflects on recent conversations with guests like Brian Rosenberg, Dwayne Matthews, and students from the Marcy Lab School – all highlighting the importance of doing hard things, embracing cognitive surplus, and developing durable “brain-to-brain” skills. We also bring in conversations with Bror Saxberg and Charles Fadel to really round out the perspectives.

Nancy emphasizes that while AI tools are rapidly advancing, humans must step up by designing compelling experiences that leverage these technologies to drive motivation, vision and human will. We examine the transition of AI from a scientific phase to an engineering one, where the promise of personalization at scale is an emerging challenge.

Mike concludes with a highlight from the Palm Court Podcast featuring Dr. Jonathan White about getting comfortable with the messiness of working on real problems.

Three key takeaways:

  1. Stepping up means identifying the winners and transformative use cases as agentic AI steps up (or falls short).
  2. Developing “brain-to-brain” skills like empathy, collaboration and perspective-taking will be crucial for humans to thrive alongside AI.
  3. We must get better at discerning problems and mapping the right AI/human tools to solve the messy, complex challenges ahead.

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