Don’t Be A Turkey, Learn to Be Grateful 2023

To kick off the end-of-year holiday season and wrap up Thanksgiving, we reflect on the importance of gratitude and why and how we should cultivate it. We might even warm some cockles along the way. Mike explores the neuroscience showing gratitude boosts dopamine, serotonin, and mood based on an article by Kayla Barnes. We feature sound from Matthew Palmer and Robin Naughton to make it a real family affair. We are grateful for the opportunity to engage with thought-provoking conferences and have rich conversations with guests throughout the year.

Then Mike refers back to teacher Rebecka Peterson’s “one good thing” practice from a keynote from the Smithsonian EDU Conference over the summer. Gratitude can be learned and it can be taught. We thank our listeners and close out with highlights from our virtual co-hosts who have contributed unique perspectives over the year. Thanks to our listeners for listening and helping the conversation grow and evolve. We very much appreciate you!

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