Future of Work

Placemaking in Virtual Reality with Don Carson

Don Carson is the Sr. Art Director at Mighty Coconut where he creates attractions to be experienced in VR for games like Walkabout Mini Golf and beyond. He joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about his experiences with placemaking in virtual reality and how those insights might relate to learning.

After Don was trained as a commercial illustrator, his work branched out to focus on the design of physical and virtual spaces. Working as a Senior Show Designer, and freelance contributor to Walt Disney Imagineering, Don learned to communicate design through conceptual sketches and 3D models. This work has expanded to include everything from designing entire lands for the Disney parks to guiding teams of designers as they build 3D environments in virtual worlds and 3D games.

We learn what it’s like to do what Don does while thinking through what this could mean for education. It’s a mind-expanding exploration of emerging experiences and how they’re designed. Don’t miss it!

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