The Education Conference Scene and Emerging EdTech with Tony Wan

Tony Wan is the Head of Investor Content for Reach Capital. He rejoins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about the recent ASU GSV conference in San Diego, the edTech and Education Conference scene in 2022, and his latest takes on Web 3 and emerging trends in the edTech venture space.

We begin with Tony’s takes on ASU GSV as summarized in his recent article. Then we consider the return on investment of attending conferences as we look at the latest version of the tracking doc Tony started when he was at EdSurge.

We conclude with his takes on emerging trends in Web 3, EdTech investment, and the future of learning in a wide-ranging and insightful conversation you don’t want to miss. Check out Tony’s Reach Capital colleague Joymayra’s recent article on Web 3 for more.

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