Screening for Gifted Programs, Civic Engagement, and the Learning Metaverse

Mike Palmer runs us through three zeitgeisty trends that are bubbling up in November 2021. We begin by digging into recent developments around the Gifted and Talented program in New York City as we explore the challenges with the existing model along with opportunities for more inclusive approaches. We revisit our conversation with David Adams, CEO of The Urban Assembly to go deeper on this topic.

Then we look at the state of civic engagement as we head into an off-cycle election day this week. We bring in conversations with Dr. Mark Sanders and Russell Glass, the CEO of Ginger and author of Voting with a Porpoise, to help flesh out the conversation.

And then we conclude with Facebook’s big announcement of its rebranding as Meta with a renewed focus on virtual and augmented reality. Mike connects the recent news to conversations we’ve had with Evan Gappelberg and Anurupa Ganguly on the learning opportunities emerging with the metaverse in a wide-ranging and informative survey of the spirit of the times in the world of learning trends.

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