K12 Education

Rallying for Children’s Literacy with Alicia Levi

Alicia Levi is the President and CEO of Reading Is Fundamental. She has an impressive background in educational media with stints at Discovery Communications and PBS Education prior to assuming her current role at RIF in 2016.

Alicia joins host Mike Palmer to talk about the challenge of getting every child to read and we hear the latest about the Rally to Read 100 Books by March 2nd. In a wide-ranging conversation on literacy and literacy education, we talk about the critical importance of reading as a foundation to educational success. While it may not be as sexy as STEM or coding, reading is in fact fundamental. And it should be fun. We discuss the challenges of screen time and hear Alicia’s broad and platform-agnostic stance on the topic. And of course, there’s plenty of LeVar Burton talk along the way!

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