March Madness

The Top Learning Trend for 2020 – March Madness Wrapup

Mike and Dan break down our 2020 March Madness for Learning Trends tournament. We begin by reflecting on how crazy a month it was and by thanking all the frontline workers who are leading our response to the covid-19 pandemic.

Then we talk through the trends that deserved more love while analyzing each successive round in our brackets. Lastly, we culminate the festivities with our takes on the Final Four, the Finals, and announce the winner. And you know we get zeitgeisty along the way as we try to make sense of the transformative period in which we’re living. Which learning trend wins the day? Listen in to find out.

Thanks as always for listening. Despite the pandemic, we won’t stop podding and we hope you won’t stop listening. Take that coronavirus! Please be safe out there.