Making Sense of Marshall Leadbetter

Learning and Education

Lessons Learned from Empathy, a Blues Bar, and Sports

Terri Givens, Daniel Harrison, and Tarlin Ray join host Mike Palmer for a live panel at SXSW EDU in Austin, Texas. Terri, a frequent guest on Trending in Ed, is the author of Radical Empathy and The Roots of Racism. She and Mike CoHosted This Week in Higher Ed in 2020 and 2021. Dan is the author of Live At Jackson Station and Making Sense of Marshall Leadbetter. He’s the host of the new Palmer Media podcast Inside Jackson Station for which all of Season 1 is now available for binge-listening. And finally, Tarlin is the Founder and CoHost of Running It Back with Mike. He is the SVP of BigFuture at the College Board.

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