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Mary Meeker’s Coronavirus Report with Melissa Griffith and Dan Strafford

Mike welcomes Melissa Griffith and Dan Strafford back to the show to analyze Mary Meeker’s new report that explores the new trends that are emerging in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Which trends will remain and which will fade? How will organizations, schools, educators, parents, and learners grapple with the new normal? How might we adapt to thrive amid the widespread, pervasive sense of disruption and uncertainty?

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Learning and Education

Meeker Report 2018 with Melissa Griffith

Mike and Dan sit down with Melissa Griffith, Vice President of Analytics and Strategy at Kaplan Test Prep, to discuss the newly released 2018 Meeker Report on Internet Trends. We dive into the growth of the internet, expansion of mobile access, the importance of data privacy, and more. How does China’s population view the sharing of their data in comparison to that of the United States? What does the report have to say about life-long learning and the future workforce? How do Fortnite and Slack relate to all of this? Tune in to find out.

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